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David Benning’s life is unraveling. Unemployed, running low on cash and with the responsibility of caring for a father struggling with Alzheimer’s, he finds himself blackmailed by a shadowy cabal with mysterious and deadly goals.

Known only as “The Group,” David quickly learns they breed killers. Turning everyday people into accomplished assassins with unusual targets. As he’s dragged farther down into this dangerous world of secrets, guns and payoffs, their true motives are slowly, chillingly revealed.

With nowhere to run, David can trust no one, not even the woman he’s been sent to kill…and has grown to love. Can they work together to free each other from the deadly grip of this lethal game?

Kill-Off is a tough, no-nonsense and inescapable thriller in the vein of Richard Stark’s The Hunter or James Cain’s The Postman Always Rings Twice.