Seeing Double

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 A trio of expats living in Asia form a tenuous bond based on mutual attraction, sexual obsession and the insatiable desire to experience the deadliest of thrills.

As their relationship matures, the dangerous love triangle in which they’ve become entwined quickly escalates into a series of brutal sexual conquests as they struggle to deal with lives spinning out of control and the debilitating psychological effects of mental and physical abuse.

Known for her distinctive brand of unsettling fiction, author Karen Runge is at the top of the modern horror game in this, her premiere novel. SEEING DOUBLE is a beautifully evocative and stunningly dark coming-of-age exploration of human sexuality and the roles of masculinity and feminism, polyamorous relationships, social and psychological isolation, and the humiliation of ultimate betrayal.



"Seeing Double is gorgeous, unflinching, and will stay with you long after the last page. Read it. I dare you." – Sarah L. Johnson, author of Suicide Stitch

"Ms. Runge holds nothing back. Here we explore the haunted nature of lust, focused through a desperate lens of desensitization. We plumb the depths of depravity, the extremes of pleasure and pain, and the shadowed realm in between. Ms. Runge has hit a truly sensitive nerve here." - W.J. Renehan, editor-in-chief Dark Hall Press