Peel Back the Skin

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They're among us. They live down the street, in the apartment next door and even in our own homes. They're the real monsters. And they stare back at us from our bathroom mirrors.

PEEL BACK THE SKIN is a powerhouse anthology of terror that strips away the human mask from the real monsters of our time -- mankind. Featuring a star-studded cast of award-winning authors from the horror, dark fantasy, speculative fiction, transgressive, bizzaro, extreme horror and thriller genres, PEEL BACK THE SKIN is the next game-changing release from Grey Matter Press.

Including fifteen all-new works of fiction from Jonathan Maberry, Ray Garton, Tim Lebbon, Graham Masterton, Yvonne Navarro, Ed Kurtz, Durand Sheng Welsh, James Lowder, Joe McKinney, Lucy Taylor, Charles Austin Muir, Erik Williams, Nancy A. Collins, John McCallum Swain and William Meikle. From Bram Stoker Award-nominated editors Anthony Rivera and Sharon Lawson.

Jonathan Maberry – “Mystic”
Tim Lebbon – “The Protector”
Lucy Taylor – “Moth Frenzy”
Ed Kurtz – “Family Bible"
Durand Sheng Welsh – “Life or Whatever Passes for It”
Joe McKinney – “The Shed”
Graham Masterton- “The Greatest Gift”
William Meikle – “The Lady of the Minch”
John McCallum Swain – “Beholder”
James Lowder – “Orphans of the Air”
Charles Austin Muir – “Party Monster”
Nancy A. Collins – “Gator Lake”
Yvonne Navarro – “Superheated”
Ray Garton – “Burning Leaves on an Autumn Day”
Erik Williams – “The Long Bright Descent”