About Us

Grey Matter Press is a Chicago-based independent publishing company committed to finding the best new voices working in the dark fiction arena today and bringing them to readers craving exceptional literature.

Our bestselling titles feature the work of award-winning, established authors and the best emerging voices writing in the horror, science fiction and suspense genres. Our books include fiction written by some of the most recognized talent in the world. We have had the pleasure to publish Bram Stoker Award winning authors as well as several who have been nominated for the prestigious award. You will find Thriller Award nominees, Shirley Jackson Award winners among the list of acclaimed authors. In 2014 we received a Bram Stoker Award nomination ourselves, for our first-ever anthology, Dark Visions Volume One.

If you are an author, Grey Matter Press is focused on publishing both new and established voices and properly rewards our authors for the hard work it takes to generate cutting edge fiction in the dark horror, dark fantasy, splatterpunk, steampunk and other genres. In an effort to support the masters of the words, we offer author payments for accepted manuscripts that are higher than the general standard for the independent publishing industry.

Whether you are a new author looking for your first book deal, or an established professional seeking a new avenue for your work, Grey Matter Press is committed to helping each and every one of our authors to succeed by delivering your groundbreaking pieces to an all-new audience that is, right now, clamoring for EXCEPTIONAL independent Dark Fiction.

If you have questions, comments or just want to chat, let us know our thoughts.