Death's Realm

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There's something that awaits you on the road ahead, lurking in the darkness at the intersection between the Here and the Hereafter.

It's at the crossroads of this existence and the next, where the forces of the Living and the Dead converge in a terrifying place known as Death's Realm. And it's here where armies from either side of the veil wage an everlasting battle in the struggle for control.

This is a volume containing sixteen stories of those wars by award-winning modern masters of the horror and speculative fiction genres.


OMNISCOPIC by Rhoads Brazos
Mankind has forever sought proof of existence beyond death. This terrifying Lovecraftian tales proves that sometimes the secrets of the universe are better left undiscovered.

SOME OTHER DAY by John F.D. Taff
Following the death of his mother, a boy goes to great lengths to maintain a relationship with his grief-stricken father, no matter the cost to all of mankind.

HAUNTER by Hank Schwaeble
Matthew has found love again after a tragic loss, but the nightmares of the past threaten his new reality and seem determined to repeat themselves.

BURIAL SUIT by John C. Foster
An ex-con embarks on a dangerous journey to ensure his dead father's soul finds safe passage to eternity, risking his own in the process.

NINE by Aaron Polson
An anthropologist's obsession with a lost civilization becomes strangely intertwined with the bizarre behavior of her two young sons.

PENUMBRA by Jay Caselberg
Newly dead, a young man is determined to reach across the veil to the woman he left behind, refusing to let death stand in the way of their true love.

FOXHOLE by JG Faherty
As the only survivors of a military unit engaged in a jungle battle, soldiers and childhood buddies stop at nothing to protect each other from the unseen enemy that pursues them.

DROWNING by Gregory L. Norris
Edgard miraculously escaped death when he survived the sinking of Titanic. Having made a new life for himself in America, a terrifying force threatens to drag him back to the dark and icy waters of the North Atlantic.

THE WEIGHT by Jane Brooks
Experiencing debilitating pain that has her at the edge of consciousness, a woman struggles with the events of her past in order to remain alive.

HARDER YOU FALL by Brian Fatah Steele
The ability to talk to the dead has provided Madeline a lavish lifestyle. Now, desiring something more, she must find a way to escape the influence of her dark mentor.

All Jude needed was the signature of a Satanist on divorce papers. What he got instead was an untimely death and a tortured hereafter, thanks to some dangerous black magic.

MARCH HAYS - Matthew Pegg
When WWII leaves him wounded, Sam finds himself in a familiar place, where pleasant memories of his youth are darkened by a terrifying specter.

HIGH ART - Karen Runge and Simon Dewar
Raymond is living the life he always dreamed of now that his wife is out of the picture. But he quickly begins to question whether divorce would have been less painful.

Somali pirates discover a disabled, abandoned freighter adrift in the warm waters of the Arabian Sea, yet it is mysteriously covered in ice. They soon realize they should have let this opportunity pass them by.

TO TOUCH THE DEAD - Paul Michael Anderson
When our possessions are all that remain of our existence, future psychics from the People's History Project are employed to catalog the energy we've left behind, with horrifying consequences.

YOU ONLY DIE ONCE - Stephen Graham Jones
There are no pearly gates or angels on high to welcome the dead into the afterlife. Instead there is only mysterious rooms, filthy shadows and terrifying beings.