The Night Marchers and Other Strange Tales

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Take a journey to the edge of civilization and go one step beyond to enter mind-blowing worlds of magical wonder and personal revelation that defy conventional reality. Travel the darkly strange passageways of The Night Marchers and Other Strange Tales.

Daniel Braum’s unique brand of speculative fiction effortlessly blends fantasy, science fiction, mysticism and horror in every verse. Weaving a tapestry of quantum intelligence, multi-dimensional vistas and dark spiritualism, the tales in The Night Marchers explore concepts of advanced science as they collide with magical realism in an effort to explain the unexplainable.

Listen to the chords of a psychedelic jazz tune that threatens to herald the end of the world. Travel the sun-soaked beaches of the Caribbean with a young girl possessed by an inexorable power. Play a game of cat and mouse with demons in the lush Central American jungle. Experience a dance of redemption led by the reincarnated soul of an enigmatic Native American warrior. Spend an erotically charged evening in the desert that may end in redemption or embraced by the arms of evil. Learn the future from a treacherous Egyptian beast with its sites set not on Bethlehem but Brooklyn.

Partake in all this and so much more with the dangerous and delightfully weird stories of The Night Marchers.

The trade paperback of Daniel Braum's The Night Marchers and Other Strange Tales is ONLY available from Grey Matter Press and includes bonus material not found in any other volumes of this release.